Rita Ponce de León

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Full Days with Eyes Closed (2013)

Casas Riegner gallery, Bogotá, Colombia.

During the last couple of years my work has slowly turned into a bonding experience with those who are close to me; open conversation and written testimonies have been my primary source to produce images and propose ways to approach them. Drawing has played an essential role in this process, it “falls” at a later stage after the dialogs; when I have already defined a precise field in which I am able to use intuition.

Full Days With Eyes Closed arises from the simple exercise of closing ones eyes, an action that activates different forms of perceiving space. A line of wire suggests a path, a series of metal structures, that in themselves are drawings, beside framing the empty space between them, also contain drawings on paper, projections and other objects. By drawing attention to different flows, relationships and exchanges, the structures enunciate the potentiality of encounter.

This exhibiton engages the body in many ways; the installation invites the public to bend over, sit, and reflect on their corporeal nature. Each drawing on paper works as a brief visual essay on the ambiguity between bodies and spaces.